Meet Rhonda


I’m Rhonda Sawchuk. I’m a field safety advisor who has been working for the Oil and Gas industry for close to 20 years. I also grew up as a “Pipeliner’s Daughter,” so I have a lifetime of experience from both sides of the fence.

Throughout my career, I’ve noticed an alarming lack of physical and mental health awareness within the industry, and among other remote workers who often spend a lot of time on the road and away from home in laborious working conditions, including not only those in the oil and gas industry, but also mining, construction, and logging.

These challenging work environments can often make it incredibly hard for people to maintain healthy habits, take care of themselves, and maintain work-life balance with family and friends.

The more I realized this, the more I became interested in how mental health can improve the workplace. It slowly became my mission to devote myself to self-improvement.

The purpose behind Enduro Productions and this platform is to teach others what I’ve learned about self-improvement so that we can make our workplace safer, healthier, and more positive.

I will be providing knowledge and resources from mental health experts to help you improve your well-being at work.

This information is based on scientific research, as well as my own personal journey with success and of course failure. I’ve also interviewed countless friends and colleagues who shared their struggles and experiences. We’re all on this self-improvement journey together.


Rhonda has taken a creative approach in producing videos to capture the attention of a broader audience in effort to get the message across to more viewers.


Rhonda is a certified Jack Canfield Train the Trainer which has time tested principles to make a profound and positive impact on both businesses and individuals.