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An introduction to a project that will be discussing mental and physical health challenges within industries that require workers to be on the road, and away from loved ones for extended periods.


Ch. 01 - Nomad Nick

Remote work placements impact more than the worker themselves. The families are also burdened by the responsibilities associated with job demands, often including feelings of abandonment despite understanding what's required to bring food on the table. Our mental health models have a strong.

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Ch. 02 – The Drive to Camp

Loneliness, isolation and external stress are natural consequences of cross-industry job placement. Shifting locations means that a sense of a home base is not realistic for many workers and as such finding mental health support who understand is paramount as we look to counteract our sense of loneliness. Rhonda’s coaching is designed to help create a more secure space within the self.

out on the town

Ch. 03 – Out on the Town

Across multiple industries we find a workplace culture that encourages moderate to higher levels of drug & alcohol consumption. This is, in large part, determined by peer pressure of our affiliations & coworkers who share our workplace surroundings. Although well intentioned, misuse of alcohol, whatever the reason may have adverse effects on other areas of our personal and professional lives. Depicted here is the personal as professional consequences arising from a well-intentioned evening out.


Rhonda has taken a creative approach in producing videos to capture the attention of a broader audience in effort to get the message across to more viewers.


Rhonda is a certified Jack Canfield Train the Trainer which has time tested principles to make a profound and positive impact on both businesses and individuals.

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