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Changing the stigma to change lives

Rhonda Sawchuk’s customizable coaching models ensure our confidence in the value we add to those organizations & individuals who reach out to Rhonda.

Take the first step to lasting positive change.


Guest Speaking


Upgrade your discipline to match your destiny

Rhonda offers purposeful, specialized educational webinars, presentations & workshops carefully designed for each client & corporation who utilizes these services to ensure extreme value added to the organizations & its respective workforce.


One-on-one Coaching


The sooner you begin, the sooner you can be successful

One-on-one coaching packages are offered to organizations to provide as a benefit to its workforce. Individuals seeking coaching & support may also reach out directly for scheduling & pricing. The combined skill sets of Rhonda & her team include wide ranging specializations all led by passionate professionals seeking to change the stigma around mental health.

Rhonda’s coaching team have been selectively chosen based on their levels of expertise, enthusiasm, unwavering determination in providing exemplary support to their existing clientele base as well as an unwavering desire to reach further through their affiliation with Rhonda Sawchuk. fueled by the shared value sets of this organizations founder, Rhonda Sawchuk.


Rhonda has taken a creative approach in producing videos to capture the attention of a broader audience in effort to get the message across to more viewers.


Rhonda is a certified life coach through the International Coaches Federation. In addition, she is also a certified Jack Canfield Train the Trainer which has time tested principles to make a profound and positive impact on both businesses and individuals.

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